ContactNewton Supply Co., Inc. has been developing innovative cutting edge products for almost 40 years. Our Epo-Grip product line offers modelers and hobbyist unique products with unparalleled characteristics. Most are familiar with liquid epoxies, found in hobby shops and hardware stores, but have you ever tried epoxy in a paste form? The ability to have control to perform precision gluing is not a dream but a reality.

Epo-Grip adhesives provide modelers with great structural strength and excellent control for bonding new construction or making repairs. Not only are they fuel proof, once cured, but are also compatible with fiberglass, Styrofoam, carbon, wood, metal, mat materials, and most ABS plastics. This allows for the possible creation of strong bonds and repairs between dissimilar materials.

With literally thousands of applications, there is not much that cannot be glued, fixed, repaired or built with proper surface preparation. One can not only build, but fix fiberglass canopies, repair fiberglass or carbon cowlings, create filets, install hinges precisely, manufacture parts, fix fiberglass boat hulls, repair most ABS plastic, fix stripped threads, create dioramas and train scenes. These products are not limited to just models, these materials are also great for home repairs, boat repairs, and making repairs to your RV.

Epo-Grip products are easy to use and are very cost effective. Special guns and tips are not required, just a clean mixing surface and a knife to mix with. Simple packaging allows for excellent shelf life and ease of use, with the ability to use as little or as much as the job requires.
Not only do we manufacture Epo-Grip Adhesives, we use them. Please feel free to call us for advice with your repair questions, or application needs at 800-888-2467 or simply fill out the contact form on the contact us page.
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