Furniture Repair
testimonial img For centuries craftsman have been building and creating beautiful works of art in the form of furniture, carvings and sculpture. Over time these items require maintenance, repair or restoration from the expertise of a professional. Adhesives are just another tool in a craftsman’s tool box. They are no different than a chisel, saw, dovetail jig, hammer or a screwdriver.

Newton Supply Co., Inc. has been manufacturing industrial grade “tools” for these professional artisans for almost 40 years. For decades, craftsmen have been relying on Epo-Grip adhesives for consistent predictable results, exceptional adhesion, controlled cure times and time savings.

The Epo-Grip adhesive product line includes laminating epoxies, paste epoxies, non sagging paste epoxies, epoxy paste adhesive filler, fast setting liquids and pastes, and an injectable epoxy for those hard to reach places or that one loose spindle. Strong bonds can be made to wood, metals, most plastics, epoxy laminates, glass and glass fabrics, ceramics, masonry, marble, and other construction materials.

Our epoxy adhesives have made it possible to repair furniture, repair marble, repair sculptures, and other household items with minimum repair times. Repairs that were once thought almost impossible can be easily made. Even antique carvings and frames with missing pieces can be easily repaired. These products are not limited to just furniture repair or masonry repair, but are also great for staircase installation, wood flooring installations, cabinet repairs, general home repairs including drywall repair, tile repair, and hardware installation.

With literally thousands of applications, there is not much that cannot be glued, fixed, repaired or built with proper surface preparation. Please take a few minutes and review our fine line of Epo-Grip products. If you have any questions regarding a particular application, project or a specific product, please do not hesitate to email or call a representative.