Newton Supply Company, Inc. has been supplying the artistic taxidermy community with a specialized palette of products for almost 15 years. The Epo-Grip product line has provided artisans with real time cost savings by increasing production, the ability to manufacture parts, and make permanent repairs in minimum time with consistent performance.

The Epo-Grip product line has covered the bases with dovetailed products suiting the needs of not only World competitors but also the Commercial artist. Our fine palette is not limited and consists of products for use with all species: mammals, fish, birds and reptiles.

Taxidermists are able to mount quickly with our Epoxy hide paste or slowly with our specially formulated waterbase hide adhesive. Make antler repairs, cast fish fins, repair manniquins, install ear liners, repair fish fins, safely degrease skins and capes. Fix drumming, make fish teeth, repair skulls, attach hardware, do transition and finish work, and create dioramas with ease incorporating both manmade and natural materials.

These products are not just limited to artisans doing taxidermy, but also carry over to artists creating sculptures and products with natural materials. Those creating antler lamps, antler chandeliers, antler handle knives, granite and marble sculptures, fish carvings and more.

Please take a few minutes and review our fine line of Epo-Grip products. If you have any questions, regarding a particular application or a specific product, please do not hesitate to email or call a representative.